Envisible / Wholechain

Adding Visibility to Food Supply Chains

The sheer volume of global trade is causing the journey and authenticity of our food to become largely opaque.  (en)visible exists to add visibility to global food systems allowing brands and consumers to make more informed decisions and change their behaviors for good.

Our focus is emphasized in four key areas:

– Product Stories and Traceability
– Responsible Sourcing
– Sustainability Programs
– Consumer Engagement

Our primary focus at (en)visible is Seafood, but has expanded to the Beef and Poultry industry.  As it pertains to Seafood, it is the world’s most traded food commodity, yet in many cases consumers don’t know the origin or journey of the seafood they consume.  The Seafood industry also accounts for over 10% of global livelihoods, but is a broken industry because:

– 89% of global fish stock is at capacity or in decline
– Upwards of 80% of seafood in the US is mislabeled
– More than 50% of seafood is wasted or discarded
– More than 1,500 lbs of seafood is stolen every second
– 90% of seafood in the US is imported, but minimally inspected

The seafood industry is expanding, but global seafood chains are fragmented, opaque and in desperate need of transparency.         (en)visible has Wild Capture and Aquaculture source throughout world and only partners with suppliers that follow best practices and utilize the sensor and processing technologies which maximize the safety, quality, authenticity and responsibility of seafood.

The (en)visible team have also developed Wholechain, a blockchain based traceability solution built to enable trust, coordination, and transparency in fragmented food supply chains.