Wahlburgers...Own The Grill!

ARKK is the exclusive licensee of the Wahlburgers product for Retail.  Wahlburgers started as a casual dining burger restaurant with locations throughout the United States and expanded with a reality TV show airing on A&E. The Wahlburgers brand was created by the well-know and well-respected family of actor Mark Wahlberg, actor/musician Donnie Wahlberg and renowned chef Paul Wahlberg.

ARKK worked together with the Wahlburgers team to develop an initial launch of a Ground Beef, Pre-Formed Patty, Pre-Formed Sliders and Brick-Pack using the proprietary, Wahlburgers blend.

Since the launch, ARKK has also released three (3) Certified Angus Beef® Blends, (3) Frozen Patties, American Style Kobe Blend Patties, Prime Blend Patties, Wahl Sauce, Pickles, Hot Dogs and Bacon.

In just 3 short years, ARKK Food has built Wahlburgers into an industry leading, branded program nationally.